Chartered Swimming Pool Cosplay Photo Shooting in Swim Suit in Yamaguchi “Kos-on@Kudamatsu Kenko Park”

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In June 18th (Sunday), 2017, A Cosplay Event “Kos-on@Kudamatsu Kenko Park” was held in Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi.


What is Coson

Kos-on!” is a Cosplay event produced by “Yamaguchi Prefecture Sub-Culture Event” group.

The photography session was held at the chartered swimming pool of Kudamatsu Kenko Park before they open for public.



Kudamatsu Kenko Park is a facility in Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi. There are amusement facilities such as Onsen (hot spring), party room, golf course etc. in the park.

The swimming pool is used for ice skating in winter.  Swimming pool opens from June 25th – September 3rd. (500 JPY)
Closed from July 17th to 20th.


Indoor swimming pool (Photo: Coson official twitter)

You can take Cosplay photos in all the swimming pools.


You can take “Swim suit Cosplay” photos in the swimming pools and pool sides.

Before joining this event, you have to wash your costume and wig to avoid losing the colors.

The administration fee is 2500 JPY / person for cosplayers and photographers.
Only pre-registered cosplayers and photographers can enter the swimming pools.


Coson will hold a Cosplay photo session on July 16th and 17th at the beach “Maruyama Kaihin Park” in Yamaguchi.
You can enjoy swimsuit cosplay at the event.


Special Cosplay Photo Studio “Hirao Studio” managed by Coson offers photo shooting using water.
The rent fee is 10000 JPY for 5 hours.



Coson@Kudamatsu Kenko Park updated on Twitter

Cosplay photos selected by Anime Cosplay Japan.


Sheryl form Macross (Cosplayer Shiina)


Tamamonomae from Fate/Grand order (Cosplayer:rabbit Photo:Yukki)


Lancer from Fate/Grand Order Nick name “Sukusui kiyohi” (Cosplayer: Reia  Photo: Yoshikame)


2B from NieR:Automata (Cosplayer: Reia Photo: En)



Kuroko Shirai from A Certain Scientific Railgun (Cosplayer: 胡桃 Photo: Yoshikame)


Ruby Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine. (Cosplayer:Hiwa Photo: Yoshi)


Photographing location.  Everyone enjoyed. (Photo: Kos-on official tiwtter)

Well, it is not easy to keep eyes open in the water for photo session keeping make-up and color contact lens!