Feast your eyes on Beat Down Boogie’s amazing Katsucon ’15 cosplay videos

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Aw man, it’s a good while since I attended a con. Let’s just say that my schedule hasn’t been open to partake in these events. Luckily, the gang at Beat Down Boogie have done not one but two videos that showcase Katsucon 2015’s cosplayers for our viewing pleasure. Just like the previous videos, the group does a nice job in capturing the greatness behind each cosplay.

As for my favorite cosplays in the video, it’s hard to decide, as each person sported a nice attire. Perhaps the most noteworthy ones were the creative takes on existing properties, such as the person in the tactical Umbreon suit and the cosplay that fuses Legend of Korra with Tron.
Of course, anything that’s related to Monster Hunter is always a plus, since MonHun 4 Ultimatecrossed the pond in February– especially the Zinogre Armor. Anyway, once you’re done with watching the first video, you can take a look at the second part after the jump.
While we’re on the topic of Katsucon, which cosplays are your favorite?


by Japanator