HokoCos2017 – Minami Otsudori Pedestrian Zone Cosplay Held in Nagoya!

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In May 21st, 2017 (Sunday), the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) event, “HokoCos2017 – Minami Otsudori Pedestrian Zone Cosplay-” was held in the Cosplay city, Nagoya.


What is “HokoCos2017 – Minami Otsudori Pedestrian Zone Cosplay”?

“HokoCos” is a event to walk in cosplay costumes on the pedestrian street. It is “Cosplay Parade”.



The set of the cosplay parade is Minami Otsudori in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
This street will be turned into a pedestrian precinct (will be kept completely free of cars) regularly.




On the HokoCos day, the main street turned into a pedestrian zone and the cosplay parade was held by cosplayers from Mitsukoshi (department store) to Parco (department store).
(Photography of the parade was allowed.)

The parade started at 13:00. Female characters, Male characters, Game characters, Kimono characters, Lolita, School, Sports characters etc. The parade was categorized according to the characters theme.


There was a cosplay event at Yaba Park, off from the pedestrian zone.




On the HokoCos day, the photo session using tripod and reflector board was allowed only at Yaba Park.
You can take beautiful pictures there because it is a open area.

*It is charged to join HokoCos as cosplayers or photographers. To join the parade, additional fee is charged.



HokoCos2017 from SNS


Parad from Kamen Rider EX-Aid  Great modeling. (Cosplayer:Kuroto)



Kakeru Shiwasu and Koi Kisaragi (Kakeru Shiwasu: Yui  Koi Kisaragi: Toa)


Marlin from Fate GO(Cosplayer:BON)


Silica from Sword Art Online (Cosplayer:Uruo)


NieR:2B Automata  Dinamic! (Cosplayer:NAGATY)


Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Cosplayer:Yumeko Madoromi)


Sydney from FF15 (Cosplayer:ダリ・祥子)


Atsushi Nakajima from Bungo Stray Dogs (Cosplayer:Hinato)


Porco Rosso from Kurenai no Buta. Famous cosplayer from Comic Market etc. (Cosplayer:Kurenaino Busan)


Kazumi Katsuragi from Tokyo 7th Sisters (Cosplayer:Mucho)


The highest temperature of the HokoCos day was over 30 degrees!
It is very important to rest to prevent of heat stroke while cosplaying and photo session in the locations exposed to direct sunlight such as pedestrian zones.


Be careful of heatstroke when you join cosplay events in summer!