Famous Cosplayers at World Snack Fair in Singapore – Maid Cafe, too!

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The big event world snacks meet together – “World Snack Fair” was held in Singapore last month.
Famous Cosplayers were invited to the event as guests from Japan and there were runway contest and photo session.


What is “World Snack Fair”?

“World Snack Fair” is the event which snacks meet together from all over the world. It was held from April 7th – 9th for 3 days (the period is the same as Summer/Winter Comic Festival)

In the past, there was the same event called “World Snack Day”.

This year, famous Japanese companies such as Meiji and Calbee joined and it was advertised in their facebook pages.
It is nice feeling that Japanese snacks which we usually eat arouse interest and become famous in the world!


Why Cosplayers at World Snack Fair?


It is hard to imagine that cosplayers are invited from Japan to such a exhibition which world snacks and sweets meet together. (The common combination of snacks and Cosplay is “Haloween”. Or a maid cafe to serve snacks?)

Actually there was a “Maid Cafe” besides photo session and exchange meeting.




Cosplayers were serving not only in maid costumes but also in costumes of Anime and Manga characters. It was like “Anime Cafe”. It is a new and interesting event to do in foreign countries.


Maybe Japanese companies thought,

“Japan is the origin of Anime and Manga! We are joining as Japanese companies, so we should bring not only sweets and snacks but also cosplayers of Anime and Manga to liven up this event! There are “Maid Cafes” in Japan, too. Maybe it will become a popular topic!”


Below are some of the photos of the event updated on twitter.


Sydney from FF15: Reona Izumi with a young girl (twitter)

Sakura from NARUTO: Usao doing Pocky decoration (Cos Name: -Usagi-) (twitter)

Group picture of invited cosplayers at the event (twitter)


Is there a demand for cosplayers around the world?

The Cosplay of the invited cosplayers at the event were high-quality from makeup to costumes, and they have good figures. There should be a demand for Anime and Manga cosplayers as special guests at game events etc. in Japan and the world.